Laura J. Faubion

I am the granddaughter of second generation farmers and, even though my parents chose to leave the farming community, it has always been an important part of my life. I am a college graduate with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.

I have dedicated myself to the development of Bob's electronic and print publications since 1993. I have assisted Bob with his managed grain accounts, which gave me the opportunity to learn about the technical and fundamental aspects of the grain markets. After many years of assisting the brokers in our office, I joined their ranks in 2005. In addition to full service brokerage, I handle much of the discount brokerage business for our office, implementing our recommendations via UMS electronic subscription or our clients’ recommendations.

I am also responsible for editing and managing our website [], which is updated with morning and afternoon market comments and news, as well as Bob's recommendations regarding corn, soybeans and wheat one to two days a week depending on his schedule and ag market holidays/activity.

I continue to strive to compliment, enhance, and implement the strategies and services Bob has developed. It is a working relationship built on mutual respect with the understanding that developing marketing alternatives to enhance the bottom line of our clients through conservative and aggressive strategies while concentrating on risk management using cash, options, and futures contracts is a cooperative effort.

Our clients are very important to our firm, and I will do my best to assist them in improving their marketing experience.